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Dew Point Water Activity Meter

INTENDED USE: Determining the water activity (aW)

Waterlab is a top-performing instrument in the market, thanks to its dew point sensor, which measures the actual water activity (aW) and not the related secondary parameters. The dew point sensor is considered the benchmark for these measurement.

The latest generation displays in touchscreen graphic with Wi-Fi and USB compatibility ensure a simple, intuitive workflow, allowing automatic data saving and immediate recognition of the sample and the operator, as well as communication with PCs and external memory cards.

The Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring range: from 0.030 to 1.000 aW.
  • Measurement time : < 5 minutes
  • aW result : in Equilibrium, real and definitive data, NOT approximate.
  • Multiple calibration at 5 points (0.250 – 0.500 – 0.760 – 0.920 – 0.984) and single calibration at any point.
  • Complete sample thermostatting at +25C.


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