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Flash Automatic Titrator

INTENDED USE: to simply and precisely satisfy and perform the widest range of titrations: Complexometric, Argentometric, Acid/Base and Redox.

Some of the application fields:

  • Determination of citric acid in orange juice
  • Determination of honey acidity
  • Acetic acid contained in vinegar
  • Free, Total and combined SO2 in wine
  • Determination of the number of acids in milk
  • Determination of salt (chlorides) on milk, cheese, meat, fish, eggs, sauces, olives, etc.
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Ac) on juice and puree
  • Determination of nitrogen according to Kjeldahl (proteins)
  • Determination of sugars in drinks according to Fehling
  • Acid number in edible oils
  • Number of peroxides in edible oils and fats

Sample Management:

  1. Single Position: ideal if autosampler is not required, for low routine and limited budget. It is possible to connect two single position stand to one Flash at the same time.
  2. AS24 Sampler: 16 positions autosampler. Developed to work with 50 mL of sample, may even work with less vol. up to 25-30 mL.
  3. AS24 Sampler Micro: 32 positions autosampler for High Productivity analysis. Able to carry out analysis on 10 ml and even 5 ml sample.


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