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Will You Continue Using Your Refrigerated Centrifuge?

One of the article in EU Regulation 517/2014 about fuorinated greenhouse gases, which is effectively started from January 1st 2020 prohibits the marketing of equipment containing gases with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) above 2,500. So gases as common as R 404 A (GWP of 3922) or R 507 (GWP of 3985) cannot be used for the manufacture of new equipment or for the recharging of existing equipment.

This regulation comes from the transposition of the agreements reached in the convention on climate change held within the framework of the summit of the United Nations. The aim is to avoid an increase in the global temperature of the earth. To this end, action is being taken on different fronts and, in this case, in the release of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

It is the responsibility of the laboratory managers to verify whether their working tools comply with the European regulations in force.

Ortoalresa, in its desire to protect our environment, is the first European manufacturer that for two years now, have been manufacturing refrigerated centrifuges with allowed gases, free CFC and with GWP of 1397 that is R 449 A gases.