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Tissue Regeneration

Tissue regeneration is one of the most important aspects in the recovery of post-operation patients.
The method of tissue regeneration has been used since more than 15 years ago, especially in
Mouth surgery.

At present, a process has been found that can support the formation of fibrin tissue in the tube.
One of them is by developing at the physiological stage, without involving
the presence of other blood components and without using reagents in extraction tubes.

The process / phase is at the time of sample centrifugation. Ortoalresa has developed
centrifuge that matches that function, namely Microcen 24. Microcen 24 was developed
based on parameters that help regenerate the right fibrin tissue, by minimizing the mess
other process. Results indicated by the use of Microcen 24.

Microcen 24 is one of the products from OrtoAlresa (SPAIN) used in the world
health. OrtoAlresa manufactures various types of centrifuges that have IVD and CE labels, which are
show their products are of European standard and can be used in the medical world.

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