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[Insight] Determining Nitrogen Protein Content

The Kjeldahl method was introduced a hundred years ago as a method for determining the amount
Nitrogen. Later this method has also been known in determining proteins in organic materials;
even applied in determining Nitrogen in inorganic materials.

This method was initially considered difficult and took a long time. But now, various experiments are
applying this method has grown rapidly. One of the most effective, saves
money and place, introduced the Protein Analyzer unit consisting of Digester block, Scrubber
and Nitrogen Distiller. The Protein Analyzer unit applies the method steps
Kjeldahl; destruction using block digester and neutralization and distillation on the Nitrogen unit
distiller. Applications with those done with advantages:

  • Safe (does not produce foam when destroying moist samples; Scrubbers connected to Digester neutralize toxic gases produced when doing destruction)
  • In a short time (destruction of up to 20 samples at the same time and the automatic distillation process in four minutes)
  • High reliability (without loss of Nitrogen during the destruction process)
  • Automatic nitrogen distillation with a distiller that has been preset for alcohol, seral, lactics, meat, fish, waste water, fertilizers, nuts and animal products.

Please contact us for a simpler and more effective Protein / Nitrogen analysis with MBC
Digester, Scrubber and DNP Nitrogen Distiller (Brand RAYPA)