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Side-Bi-Side Cells

PermeGear makes three different classes of Side-Bi-Side Cells. The smallest class includes the most common Side-Bi-Side Cells having orifice diameters from 5mm to 15mm. The medium size class has orifice diameters up to 25mm. The largest class has orifice diameters between 15mm and 60mm. In all classes of Side-Bi-Side Cells the volumes are dependent on orifice diameter and other factors.

With additional porting, these cells are well suited to iontophoresis work. They are easily customized with additional porting, amberizing, etc.

After a membrane is placed between the cell halves, the Cell Clamp is placed around them. The adjusting knob is then gently tightened to hold the glass halves and membrane or device together. The assembly is then located over the stirring magnets of an H-Series Stirrer by placing the holes in the clamp over pins on the top of the unit.