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As a credible laboratory equipment distributor in Indonesia, Alterlab has committed that client satisfaction in the form of both company or researcher is our satisfaction. Over the years, we have maintained that commitment by increasing the service of the Alterlab team wholeheartedly and working with various world laboratory equipment manufacturing companies.
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Refrigerated Incubators

Series IRE

  •  Forced air cooling incubation
  • Temperature range from 0ºC to 45ºC.
  • Refrigeration by an antivibration hermetic compressor of R600A coolant and an axial fan of 200 m3/h (2 fans in IRE-420 and IRE-720).
  • Temperature controlled by digital PID microprocessor, programmable with time delays, 10 temperature ramps and up to 500h of incubation.
  • Pt100 class A temperature probe.
  • Lateral hole for external probe access.
  • Intuitive alphanumeric touchscreen user interface that displays time, temperature and cycles in graphs, audiovisual alarms and advanced cycle and timer programming, with up to 5 predefined programs.
  • RS232 connection that allows the use of Raypanet platform on a PC to view and export cycles, generate reports and simultaneously manage different equipment.
  • Two free plugs inside.
  • Audiovisual security alarms: end of cycle, probe failure, heating error, overheating and temperature out of range.