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Microcen 24

Max. capacity   10 x 15 ml.
Max. speed        8,000 RPM/6,511 xg
Display type      LED
Version               Ventilated

The new Microcen 24 is the solution for all those laboratories which are looking for high performance and versatility in a small centrifuge. This equipment includes a rotor (RT246) with capacity for 8 tubes of 15 ml. round bottom and has an optional range of rotors and adapters.

Compatible rotors:

  • RT 246 (Angle fixed | 8 x 15 ml | 8,000 RPM | 6,511 xg)
  • RT 247 (Angle fixed | 12 x 5ml | 8,000 RPM | 5,151 xg)
  • RT 248 (Angle fixed | 10 x 15ml | 8,000 RPM | 6,368 xg)

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