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Kjeldahl Distiller

DNP Series

Our Kjeldahl distillers work according to the internationally recognized Kjeldahl method, a reference procedure to analyze nitrogen and protein content in several fields of application.

Besides performing protein nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl or volatile acidity, you can also determine alcohol, sorbic acid, SO2, phenols, cyanide, ammonia and nitric nitrogen content.

Different models of our Kjeldahl distillers adapt to each laboratory requirements, from semiautomatic models to fully automatic, all options guaranteeing safety for the users with automatic distillation interruption on overtemperature or overpressure and fixing cooling water input if required. Furthermore, our distillers work according to standardized procedures such as AOAC, ISO, EPA and DIN. The DNP Series distillers are designed to give reliable, accurate and precise results.

Available under 2 models: DNP-1500-MP & DNP-2000-MP.