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Doppler Radar Flash Detector


  • Optical Sensor
  • Detects the muzzle flash and provides a trigger signal to the MV Radar System
  • Sensitive in the visible and near infrared electromagnetic spectrum
Item Specification
Spectrum sensitivity Visible and near infrared
Response Time 100ns (photodiode)
Bandwidth 600nm – 1050nm
Field of View Approximately 25 degrees
Signal Output Differential output (6Vpp max)
Power supply +15V/20mA, -15V/20 mA DC (supplied from Radar)
Dimensions 180 mm length x 63 mm diameter (sensor)
Mass 0.5 kg (sensor); 1.8 kg (25 m cable)
Temperature -40C to +71C
Construction Passivated, powder-coated aluminum enclosure
Mounting Tripod mount
Cable 25 meter




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