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Doppler Radar Velocity Simulator

The EDH velocity simulator unit (VSU) is a portable device able to simulate a projectile for any continuous wave X-band doppler radar. The simulator has the ability to directly measure the radar’s antenna’s power and frequency.

Up to 7 user programmable projectiles can be simulated the device and each one’s velocity, retardation, duration, rate of fire and burst length is adjustable.

  • Live weapons/rounds can be substituted with the velocity simulator
  • Training situations of new radar operators
  • Setup of radars before testing commences
  • Routine maintenance – radars can be tested without being dismantled
  • Check functionality of the Muzzle Velocity Radar System
  • Test the accuracy of radars
  • Directly measure the radar’s antenna power and frequency.
  • Simulated demonstrations of a radar’s capabilities

Microwave frequency measurement:

Range 10 to 11 GHz
Resolution 0.05 MHz
Accuracy 50 ppm
Display Increments of 0.1 Mhz


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