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Compact Digestion System (Kjeldahl Digester)

Series MBC

Our MBC Series block digesters are excellent to perform protein digestion in organic substances such as nourishing products, fertilizers, seeds, plants, beer, meat, sauces, water or petroleum according to the Kjeldahl method, acid hydrolysis for sample pretreatment in fat analysis and soil digestion for heavy metals determination.

It is available in 6 different models with different amount of sample positions and tube sizes to process from 6 up to 40 samples at a time. The system is composed of a heating block, a mobile samples tubes rack and a mobile fumes collector. It provides excellent temperature homogeneity in all sample positions with adjustable temperatures by up to 18 segments and a maximum temperature of 450ºC.

MBC Series digesters are ideal to be used along with our Kjeldahl distillers (DNP Series) for previous digestion step or with our Fat Extraction System (SX-6 MP Series) for sample acid hydrolysis.