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Ballistic Test Radar System

Doppler radar is to measure velocity of muzzle gun and also to measure velocity at short and long
range, for projectile calibers ranging from 5.56mmm to 155mm including standard projectiles,
base bleed, tracers, APFSDS, sub-calibers, rockets, etc. with radial velocity coverage of 30 – 5000

Some uses are:

  • Calibration tests
  • Proof tests
  • Forensic analysis
  • Ballistic tests
  • Acceptance tests

Radar specifications cover:

  • All calibres and velocities
  • Single shot and burst/rapid fire
  • All ammunition types
  • Indoor and Outdoor facilities

Available equipment includes:

  • Radar Units (low and high power)
  • Processor Units (integrated and PC based)
  • Test Analysis and Reporting Software
  • Doppler, flash and acoustic triggers
  • Special test equipment
    • Pressure measurement equipment
    • Velocity simulator test equipment
  • Cables, mountings and tripods
  • Power supplies


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