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Vertical Autoclaves with Drying (AE-DRY)

Economic, Cost-Effective, Robust Performance and Limited Laboratory Resources Consumption

AE-DRY Series autoclaves are robust autoclaves with excellent performance for a wide range of liquids and solids such as culture media, glassware, plastics, metal utensils, laboratory waste bags and other laboratory items.

The final vacuum drying feature by a heating jacket and a vacuum pump at the end of the sterilization cycle eliminates the need of an external equipment to dry the load, significantly reducing the duration of each sterilization procedure rotation and saving operator time.

Furthermore, thanks to the standard initial prevacuum pulse and the fractioned postvacuum with drying, AE-DRY Series autoclaves are also suitable to sterilize wrapped and unwrapped solids, small porous and hollow objects.*

*AE-DRY Series autoclaves may not be suitable for these applications if the chamber is heavily loaded. In these circumstances, AE-B Series autoclaves should always be used.