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[Remark] TERRA Food-Tech® Autoclaves

Discover our retort sterilizers and pasteurizers specifically designed for small and medium-sized preserved food producers, restaurateurs, chefs and for the food industry. Our vertical retorts are used to sterilize and pasteurize preserved food, they combine an user-friendly interface coupled with the latest sterilization technology.

TERRA Food-Tech® compact retorts can both sterilize and pasteurize food products in cans, glass and plastic containers. It is a tool developed to improve the production capacity of small food producers and to facilitate R&D testing and quality control of the food and packaging industry.

Intended uses:

  • Sterilization or pasteurization of finished products.
  • R&D laboratories of the food and packaging industry.
  • Industrial pilot batch sterilization.

Competitive advantages:

  • Prevents container breakage or deformation thanks to counterpressure function.
  • Designed to achieve high productivity for small food producers.
  • Perfect control of the thermal cooking process thanks to it’s flexible heart probe.
  • Fast cooling function available to avoid food damage.
  • Advanced sterilization cycle optimization (direct control over Fo and Po values).
  • Respects organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product.
  • Includes flexible heart probe and cap drilling set for optimal parameters control.
  • Outstanding safety features.
  • Easy to use colour touchscreen with 50 different programs available.