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[Insight] The Latest Nanocrystal Breakthrough in Drug Development

Nanocrystal is the latest breakthrough in the development of drugs which are classified as drugs that are difficult to dissolve in water. Nanocrystal has been shown to be preferred compared to using nanoparticles in drug-delivery. Nanocrystal is superior in terms of its production, a structure that is simpler and conforms to varying route releases.

A recent study from Fernandes and the team compared the effectiveness of both (nanocrystal and nanoparticles) by conducting a release test using cell diffusion with varying kinetic models.

Diffusion cells are very important tools that help in formulating topical and transdermal drugs. An in-vitro method (IVRT, In-Vitro Release Test) used for drug adsorption testing from and into human skin.

PERMEGEAR (Made in USA) creates Franz-Cells with various types to study membrane-transport.

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