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[Remark] Fractioned Pre-Vacuum Autoclave

Autoclave, a machine that applies pressure and steam to reach and maintain a condition (temperature) in order to eliminate bacteria from the material to be sterilized.

Materials that usually become objects of sterilization are laboratory equipment such as glassware, media in microbiology laboratories, and equipment such as lab coat.

However, some samples have special material specifications. The selection of an autoclave sterilization system must be adjusted to the sample material to be sterilized. Samples that have a hollow, porous and multipurpose material are recommended to use autoclave which has a special system called Fractioned Vacuum (Pre-Vacuum). This autoclave type is very reliable for use in medical laboratories.

The sterilization process of the Autoclave with Pre-Vacuum is as follows:

  • Heating Stagethe stage for generating steam (saturated steam) that functions for
    sterilize material
  • Pre-Vacuum Stage air that is inside the cavity or pores of the solid material
    can be released / vacuumed by a vacuum pump
  • Sterilization Stage – hot steam will enter and sterilize all parts to the pores
    and sockets
  • Drying StageDrying by utilizing the heating system function
    together with fractioned pre-vacuum, so grinding can be achieved more quickly.

Pre-Vacuum and Drying Autoclave (Raypa Brand, Made in Barcelona) provides Vertical and Benchtop types, designed for ease of use and equipped with various features for security for daily users.

Please contact us for sterilizing materials with the special specifications of Pre-Vacuum