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[Remark] Culture Media Preparator

The World of Sterilizing
Sterilization with stirring, cooling and dispensing built-in

Autoclave, a machine that applies pressure and steam (hot steam) to reach and maintain a condition (temperature) in order to eliminate bacteria from the material to be sterilized.

The sterilization process is not only carried out on laboratory tools / equipment used during the experiment, but can be a step in experiments such as for example in media preparation, which is known in the field of microbiology and tissue culture.

For media preparation functions, the autoclave ​​used must be integrated for preparation, sterilization and dispensation of culture media.

Sterilization Process in the Autoclave Media Preparator:

  • Heating Stagesaturated steam
  • Sterilization Stage – sterilization by hot steam with careful control of the media which is stirred with a stirrer during the process.
  • Cooling PhaseExchange between heating and cooling inside the autoclave (internal) so that the cooling process can take place quickly.

The Media Preparator (Raypa Brand, Made in Barcelona), is designed for shorter running times and more culture media results, thanks to an efficient heating system and a fast cooling phase at the end of the sterilization process.

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