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Counter Pressure Autoclave (Raypa, Spain)

Long with developments in the world of industry, especially the food and pharmaceutical industries, there is a need to sterilize food products stored in airtight containers (or commonly called hermetic sealed food products) or liquids stored in sealed plastic bag.
The purpose of hermetic food sterilization stored in a closed container is to eliminate all contaminants including bacteria and spores that might make food rot or turn toxic so that it can cause food poisoning for consumers.

However, for the purpose of sterilization, certain conditions must be achieved so that the heat produced for sterilization is intensive enough to achieve microbiological safety (killing contaminants) and precisely without damaging the quality of the product. Too intensive heat in the sterilization process is certainly good for removing microorganisms that may still survive, but preserved food cannot receive intense heat without quality degradation due to the destruction of the components of vitamins and proteins they contain.

Autoclave with Counter-Pressure (Raypa Brand, Made in Barcelona), is designed with functions that maintain the integrity of product packaging and product quality in contaminant-free packaging. With sizes suitable for laboratory capacity; ranging from 28 liters to 150 liters.

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